Friday, August 15, 2008

Activia Challenge Warning

So today I have started the Activia Challenge. It isn't by choice, the food bank gave us a whole bunch of yogurt that is 2 days past its due date. Dave was eating some and pointed out that it was that special pro-biotic crap, so I actually got a little excited at the thought of having a glowing yellow asterisk around my waist. Dave, rarely being the practical one, mentioned we will have to remodel the doorway, just like in the commercial. We'll cross that bridge when we reach it.

So he ate his yogurt was told me how magically delicious it was, so I was convinced. I had a couple myself. It IS pretty good. It tasted... I don't know... thicker than most yogurts, and I wasn't sure if that could be attributed to its age, or if its made that way to be more filling.

Not 10 minutes after I was done eating it (that process took merely seconds), I had a feeling. A feeling deep inside me. It was then that I realized the waist-asterisk in the commercial was a visualization technique used to show what cramps might look like, were they outside your body.

Bonus: Dave just ate 2 more cups, and wonders if your mouth is supposed to tingle like you have just eaten a whole box of nerds...

For those of you who don't know, those bio yogurts work on your intestines with good bacteria to... well... make you poop.

So they really do work. We are proof.

I just wonder now, who would WANT to take the Activia Pooping Challenge?


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